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Anonymous: I'm really curious to know, is it safe to stretch your ears at home with a kit or can you go and get them done? I hope this makes sense.

Yeah it completely makes sense! It is safe, but you just have to be extra cautious and make sure to listen to your ears. I only had one size stretched from a professional and it was fine but I did it on my own before that (and with my last stretch) and nothing bad happened. I should have gone slower, but that is besides the point. Just be sure that your ears are ready and that you are stretching with the proper jewelry (tapers). Also, it is good to note that some people believe that stretching with metal tapers are better for your ears but I used plastic ones and that was just fine :) 

Sorry for the delay on the response! But I hope that this helps and feel free to ask any more questions! 

Happy stretching :)

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Blood Wood Teardrops with Lotus Carvings by OaksAesthetics on Etsy :)
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The new version of the Basilica Shadow Plugs by Onetribe! So gorgeous!
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Super bloody but you get the idea! Thanks Michelle 💜 #tinabelcher (at Bold As Brass TC)


oh my god

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Anonymous: Do u like scarification? Would u ever get it done ? x

I am not a huge fan of scarification, although I do think it can look really cool once it is all healed. Mostly I just am not a huge fan of the process and I am not the type of person that enjoys lots of blood or seeing inside of people haha. 

I personally would never, ever, get it done but I think people who do are very brave haha. I will stick with my tattoos :) 

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Aurora Navel Curve by Anatometal posted by Evolve